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Australian Childcare Alliance
Australia’s peak body for private long day early learning services, the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) extends its congratulations to Prime...
If you are a member of Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland (ACA Qld) you would have received our Member Survey recently.
We have recently received some queries from members about their legal rights when representatives from the Union seek entry to...
The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) conducts analysis every three years on how Australian children have developed by the time...


Every year, we support a charitable organisation on behalf of our members. This year, we have chosen Super Max & Bryce.

Inspired by family and friends with cancer and the magic of a very special turtle night light, Bryce is working hard to share love, hope, happiness and comfort with children in treatment for cancer across Australia and New Zealand.

Our association's contribution of $2000 will go towards getting a Super Max the Turtle night light into the hands of every superhero child who is diagnosed with cancer or other haematology-related life-threatening diseases. Super Max & Bryce is also working to get every superhero mum and superhero dad a Super Max the Turtle star-inspired gift.

We encourage you to visit to find out how you can help.

Several members have contacted us asking for clarifications regarding QKFS Plus. 

We have spoken to the Department of Education and Training on your behalf and they have stated that their immediate intent is to ensure families are not affected by sudden changes to existing processes while the department establishes a long term resolution in consultation with states and territories. Specifically, if you have been estimating QKFS Plus and reducing fees in session reports by these amounts, as per the Child Care Subsidy requirements, then you should continue to follow this practice.
The Department is currently working with state and territory governments to better understand the small number of specific payments that are affected by this requirement, and to identify ways of supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children as soon as possible.
For services using QikKids
We have been working closely with the QikKids team through this process of seeking advice from Government. Now we have more clarity on what is happening, QikKids has commenced development on an option allowing services to apply the QKFS to the gap fee. We have been advised that an amendment is currently in development and is expected to be released after testing to services sometime in October.

Simple everyday moments help children grow.

The new Make Play Everyday campaign recognises that parents and families play a major role in their child’s ongoing learning.

Through a series of short videos, articles and tips, parents are shown how existing activities can play a part in their child’s development.

Using simple ideas, relevant to all ages, parents are shown how easy it is to incorporate play and learning into everyday activities.

Whether that is talking about what they see on the way to the park, singing nursery rhymes, pointing out something they see out the window, or learning new words while shopping for groceries.

Show the families in your service how they can make learning with their child fun.

Visit The Early Years Count to discover easy activities that make learning fun.

Make Play Everyday is an initiative of the Queensland Department of Education.

Providers can submit session reports at any time, using their third party software or the Provider Entry Point. Receipt of each report will be acknowledged.

Payment will be processed each Monday morning for sessions of care that occurred in the previous week (or earlier) and which have been reported before 9pm on the Sunday evening. A session report for a child can be submitted and then varied during the week before payment processing if necessary. For example, sessions of care on Monday through to Wednesday could be reported on Wednesday evening and sessions of care on Thursday and Friday could be added on Friday evening, however, payments related to sessions for all five days would be processed on the following Monday morning.

 Session report received:  Entitlement calculated:
Before 9pm on Sunday, for care provided up to and including that Sunday
 The following Monday morning
After 9pm on Sunday, for care provided up to and including that Sunday  Overnight

If a session report is varied (up until 28 days after the start of the week to which the report relates), payment adjustments will be processed and paid when the variation is submitted.

Once a session report has been processed, the determination of entitlement will be available through the provider's third party software or the Provider Entry Point and the payment advice will be issued.

Payments will generally be made to the provider's nominated bank account. In limited circumstances, a payment may be made directly to the parent (see above).

Important information for QikKids clients

The new option has been added to Tools > Options > Kindergarten > Subtract QKFS subsidy from fee submitted to CCSS. Please ensure that before unchecking this tick box that you read and understand the information below. 

This feature changes the way QikKids calculates the total fee sent to the Federal Government in relation to the QKFS. Specifically when unchecking this option, the QKFS funding will be used to specifically reduce the parent Gap as opposed to just reducing the total fee prior to CCS being applied. QikKids strongly advises that you seek independent advice from the relevant authorities before unchecking this feature. The advice QikKids has received from the Department of Education is as follows:

Education can confirm there is no change to the position outlined in the department’s letter of 30 July 2018. However, in light of the further query from QikKids and email circulated to ACA Queensland members, the department can clarify that the intent was to ensure no additional families were affected by sudden changes to existing processes in the short term, while we establish a long-term resolution in consultation with states and territories. Therefore, if QikKids’ clients were previously reducing fees in session reports by the amounts received under QKFS Plus (then submitting for CCS to be applied) they should continue to follow this practice, particularly noting QikKids has implemented functionality to support this process.

While Child Care Subsidy/Additional Child Care Subsidy is generally paid to providers to pass on to parents as a fee reduction, it may need to be paid directly to parents in some specific scenarios. In particular, this will occur if a provider submits a child’s initial session reports before the parent finalises their Child Care Subsidy claim for that child.

Parents will also be paid directly if they report a change in circumstances that affects their entitlement for sessions of care for which subsidy has already been paid (for example, a retrospective change to a parent’s hours of recognised activity). In addition, any amount owing to a parent following the end of year reconciliation process will continue to be paid directly to the parent.

In all cases where a payment is made directly to the parent, the parent will be able to see a record of this payment through Centrelink Online or the Express Plus mobile app.