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Australian Childcare Alliance
In as little as 5 minutes, the temperature in a vehicle can reach dangerous levels. Leaving children unattended in a...
Thursday 24 September, 2020 'What Queensland parents want. What our children need' Affordable childcare must be front and centre...
Monday 21 September, 2020 'What Queensland parents want. What our children need' ACA Queensland calls on all parities to...
Would you like to have a chat with your ACA Qld GM about any topics or areas of concern? Simply...


ACA Qld and ACA National represent our valued members on key issues impacting the accessibility, sustainability, quality and affordability of early learning (childcare) services. We are actively involved in advocating for political reform to improve outcomes for children, families, early childhood educators/teachers, and service providers while reducing unnecessary regulatory burden. We provide a public voice for early learning services through the media, and promote the latest world research into policies and practices.


We present submissions to government to provide an evidence-based researched opinion for improving the accessibility, affordability and quality of early learning services. 


We perform research and conduct surveys to ensure the content of our submissions are well informed, based on data that we have collected. Our submissions provide a reliable and informed voice to the early childhood education and care sector.


ACA Qld State Election Manifesto 2020 (510 KB)


ACA Qld Pre-Budget Submission 2020-2021 (484 KB)


Further information about our National submissions, policy and advocacy efforts are available on the ACA National website.

Political Engagements 2020