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The Early Childhood and Community Engagement Division within the Department of Education will be convening a series of state wide inclusion webinars for management, staff, teachers and educators in the early childhood sector in 2019.

Details for the first webinar are as follows:

Title of webinar: Building Inclusion: 5 practical hacks
Date and time: 3 April 2019 from 12.30 – 1.30 pm
Outline of the session:
Inclusion is a belief that you embed into your relationships with children and families. This belief creates an environment where all children are valued and supported to reach their full potential.  This one hour webinar will provide participants with some practical strategies that can be easily embedded into everyday programming. It will explore five key areas:
1 Planning for success
2 Developing Routine Based Interventions
3 Managing transition times
4 Creating engaging group times
5 Using inclusion support effectively.
Participants will feel encouraged and have the confidence to implement a range of strategies that enhance engagement and participation of all children.
Presenter: Katie Bartholomaeus (ex-President, Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA) Queensland Chapter)
Intended audience: Early childhood sector management, staff, teachers and educators
Cost: Free

Links for registration: Departmental employee link:

Non-departmental employee link:

Registrations are now open and participants are encouraged to download the required software and ensure audio set up is complete prior to the day of the webinar so they can feel comfortable with the process of the webinar on the day.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at