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Several members have contacted us asking for clarifications regarding QKFS Plus. 

We have spoken to the Department of Education and Training on your behalf and they have stated that their immediate intent is to ensure families are not affected by sudden changes to existing processes while the department establishes a long term resolution in consultation with states and territories. Specifically, if you have been estimating QKFS Plus and reducing fees in session reports by these amounts, as per the Child Care Subsidy requirements, then you should continue to follow this practice.
The Department is currently working with state and territory governments to better understand the small number of specific payments that are affected by this requirement, and to identify ways of supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children as soon as possible.
For services using QikKids
We have been working closely with the QikKids team through this process of seeking advice from Government. Now we have more clarity on what is happening, QikKids has commenced development on an option allowing services to apply the QKFS to the gap fee. We have been advised that an amendment is currently in development and is expected to be released after testing to services sometime in October.