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Knowing what and how to notify the Regulatory Authority (the Department of Education) is easier with a new interactive, online tool.

Approved providers have an obligation under the National Law to notify the department of certain incidents, complaints and changes to information.

The Notification Decision Tree (NDT) lists all types of notifications and guides users through a series of questions and answers to determine when to notify the department.

If a notification is needed, you will be redirected to the NQA ITS to sign on and lodge the correct online form.

Please include as much detail as possible so the department can quickly and accurately assess what (if any) action needs to be taken.

If you lodge a form when you are not required to do so, the notification will be re-categorised as non-regulatory and no further action will be taken.

Regional offices will, however, advise you via email why the notification was considered non-regulatory.

Please note that information contained in the NDT is for general guidance only and you must consider the specific circumstances of each incident individually against the requirements of the legislation when you are making a decision about whether to notify.

Approved providers, educators and services may also be required to report incidents or suspected incidents involving children under other laws including child protection legislation.

It is the approved provider’s responsibility to understand their obligations and operate according to the law.

To use the NDT, visit the department’s website.

More information 

Read the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority’s (ACECQA) information sheet about Key changes to notifications, incidents and complaints.   

Visit ACECQA’s website for more information about using the NQA ITS.