Workforce transitional arrangement + Rest Period condition IMPLEMENTATION

A number of services in Queensland will have two more years to meet staffing and qualification requirements under the National Quality Framework. Some of these intended extensions until 1 January 2020 include:

  • attendance of an early childhood teacher (ECT)
  • qualifications for educators in remote and very remote locations
  • persons taken to be ECT, and
  • specific educator-to-child ratios.

Visit the ACECQA website for further details. 

Changes have also been made to the rest period condition, rest pause and short absence transitional provisions in Queensland. These changes relate to removing the end date and changing eligibility for the condition. To submit a service approval addendum for the rest period condition (centre-based service), please click here to download the application form. This is an interim measure until Queensland-specific forms can be included on the NQA ITS. Please click here for more information or contact your regional office.