Will your next energy bill increase by up to 20%?

Make It Cheaper 2

It’s finally come, the inevitable July 1 energy price rise, meaning your business may now paying more for its energy.

With energy costs skyrocketing by up to 20%, businesses like yours will start paying more for their electricity and gas. Luckily, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

ACA Qld has partnered up with one of Australia’s largest independent energy brokers, Make It Cheaper to help members save money on their electricity.

So far, Make It Cheaper has identified over $45,000 in savings for ACA Qld members, with average savings of $1,500 per annum.

Make It Cheaper compare prices from Australia’s leading energy suppliers, figure out which plan meets your individual needs, calculate potential savings, then set you up on these rates and switch your current energy provider.

If they find you a better deal they will tell you. And if they think you’re already on the best deal, they will tell you that too.

Saving money this winter is as easy as sending in a copy of your bill.

Call (02) 8077 0179 for a free bill comparison or click HERE to upload a copy of your bill.

*Based on analysis of 10,400 bills between Oct 2015 & March 2016

Note: This service is only available for members in the Energex network (not ERGON).