Transition to school - Strong Start Strong Learner

Join the Strong Start Strong Learner clusters next term which will provide valuable opportunities to grow in knowledge and planning in the transition to school process. These clusters will be professional learning communities where the Transition and Partnerships team will present key messages of the Supporting successful transitions state-wide strategy. The focus of these clusters will be developing a deeper knowledge of the principles, action areas and outcomes of the school decision-making tool and how these relate to the National Quality Standards (specifically Quality Standard 6.3 ) when you consider;

  • how your service supports each child’s transition from and to other education and care environments; 
  • how your service supports each child’s successful transition to formal schooling and;
  • what ways your service works with schools and other community organisations to meet the needs of children and their families. 
  • what are your community’s early childhood development strengths and what data is available. 

Please refer to your geographical cluster flyers below for more details:


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