Member-only SPECIAL - Make It Cheaper

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ACA Qld has partnered with Make It Cheaper to bring you this exclusive offer!


ACA Qld is proud to introduce Make It Cheaper as our official energy partner.

Make It Cheaper is one of Australia’s leading energy comparison services for businesses, dedicated to saving time and money and making lives easier when it comes to energy bills.

By working with a panel of energy retailers, Make It Cheaper can remain completely independent and focus wholly on getting you the best outcome according to your interests and energy needs.

This exclusive offer is also open to you and your staff's personal electricity needs and even families who use ACA Qld member services!

Make It Cheaper has already helped childcare services across Australia save $96,000 in the last two years - with average business savings of $1,000 per annum in Queensland. 
Our own ACA Qld office saved 13% off the cost of our regular electricity bill. Our General Manager, Brent Stokes, was our first test case comparing his personal electricity supply costs.
“I was initially sceptical as I had already secured a twelve month, 10% pay-on-time discount. However, I was able to secure an additional 6% discount due to a 15% pay-on-time discount and other savings – saving myself $120 per year. The process was very easy and from start to finish only took about 20 minutes.” – Brent Stokes, General Manager, ACA Qld

If you're an ACA Qld member, click here for more information.


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