QKFS Information Session

The Service Review Program (SRP) team within Kindergarten Funding is delivering another round of QKFS Information Sessions (including a workshop). Clear here to download the schedule.

The sessions aim to assist approved providers and staff to understand the QKFS funding, and how the funding eligibility criteria relate to delivering the learning program, determining eligible children and lodging accurate claims. As the QKFS is a per child subsidy, each enrolled child must meet each eligibility criteria to be counted in weekly claiming numbers. 

The QKFS Guidelines have recently been revised and are now called the QKFS Requirements. Although, it is important to note that the QKFS criteria have not changed the revised document provides a lot more description about the funding program generally, as well as, for each criteria. As such you and your staff are encouraged to read, and become familiar with the revised document.

Everyone must RSVP to QKFSservicereview@det.qld.gov.au.


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