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ECE Day 2021: We need you and your families' videos!

With Early Childhood Educators' Day not far away, we're in the process of creating our "How are you going to say thank you?" community video, which will help to generate awareness in the lead up to this national community event. 

To help us create this video, we invite you as the service provider, as well as your families, to film a short video with a quick description of how you're going to say thank you to your early childhood educators. Your message can inspire others in the lead up to the day.

We will try to include as much of this footage as we can in the final video, which we aim to air in late July/early August.

  1. You can see last year's "How are you going to say thank you?" video for inspiration here
  2. You can read the simple instructions for service providers here.
  3. Please share the simple instructions for your families via our blog article here.

We thank you in advance for your support! 

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