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Australian Childcare Alliance
The following is a collection of useful information for early learning services providers affected by the recent bushfires. Government support for...
Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland (ACA Qld) is proud of our long standing professional collaboration with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.
Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland (ACA Qld) in conjunction with our Registered Training Organisation, College for Australian Early Childhood Educators (CAECE),...
In response to ACA Qld's letter to Minister Grace, ACA Qld President - Majella Fitzsimmons (electronically), Vice President - Jae...

We are committed to ensuring that our members have access to the best training and professional development opportunities available. We offer professional development sessions for approved providers, nominated supervisors and educators to encourage our members to continually improve their knowledge and skills.

Assessment and Rating - Prepare, Collaborate and Communicate Workshop

ACA Qld in conjunction with our college, CAECE, are delivering a workshop which aims to enable educators, service leaders and managers to prepare their teams to feel confident and empowered on the day of assessment and rating.

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Industrial Relations Workshop

ACA Qld valued supporter member, Employer Services - Industrial Relations (IR) and Human Resources (HR) specialists are exclusively hosting an IR training session on understanding your dismissal obligations, FREE of charge for current financial ACA Qld members.

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QikKids Training Sessions

Supporter member QikKids is offering current financial ACA Qld members (maximum 2 people per services) an opportunity to participate in a FREE small face to face group training session to cover important topics, non members $130 per person.

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Exceeding the revised National Quality Standard

From the 1st of February 2018, services must demonstrate three exceeding themes for a standard in the National Quality Standard (NQS) to be rated Exceeding NQS. This full day conference will help you to learn more about the exceeding themes and guide you in thinking about how you can provide evidence of how these themes are reflected in your practice.

The Exceeding the revised National Quality Standard workshop is for educators, educational leaders, nominated supervisors and approved providers of all services in scope of the National Quality Framework

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Educator Mentoring Program presented by Pam Maclean

Are you looking for a tailored PD for educators in your service? The Educator Mentoring Program is an in-service program that provides tailored professional development to support the needs of your service. The Program will provide your team with an experienced and independent mentor who will provide objective feedback and advice regarding ideas, approaches and identified/non-identified issues.

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Understanding your responsibilities under the National Law and Regulations

This workshop aims to help new and existing Approved Providers as well as Nominated Supervisors understand their responsibilities under the National Law and Regulations. This workshop will cover the following:

  • Understanding and meeting operational requirements under the NQF;
  • Responsibilities under the National Law; and
  • Understanding of how to apply the National Law and Regulations in relation to education and service governance.


  • Brisbane - Friday, 20 September 2019, The Glen Hotel - Register

Workshops delivered by CAECE

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Click pdf here (578 KB) to download a flyer with all the information about CAECE Workshops.

First Aid Training

CAECE is very proud to partner with National First Aid Training Institute (NFTI) to deliver First Aid Training to ACA Qld members for only $99! Click here for more information.

Online Training: Safe Sleep Practices for Babies and Toddlers

This short course has been developed for professionals working in the early years education and care sector. It will provide a holistic response not only to safe sleep practices for young children but also healthy sleep practices.

Click pdf here (579 KB)  for more information.

Sasha Goodwin

Mandatory reporting for early years educators
a. Mason’s Law
b. Child Protection (refresher)
c. Mason’s Law (advanced)

Managing challenging behaviours

Families as partners in learning

Sexual development and healthy behaviours

Click pdf here (578 KB) for more information.

Heather Barnes

Understanding changes to the NQS

Many services struggle to find the time or user-friendly ways to assist all educators to understand the changes to the NQS but realise how important it is if they hope to achieve a successful outcome at their next Assessment and Rating visit.

This in-service opportunity would enable all staff to:

  • Gain an overview of what has changed and the reasons behind it
  • Explore the significant differences
  • Feel more confident when understanding self-assessment
  • Assist in completing the QIP
  • Understand and deliver quality practice every day not just during Assessment and Rating

Click pdf here (578 KB) for more information.

Alina Dan

Documenting more by writing less

Documenting the outdoors & embedded sustainability practices

NQF mentoring session / visit

The NQF Assessment audit

Full day seminar (2-3 topics)

This is a great opportunity to combine a few different workshops to create a fulfilling professional development day.

Click pdf here (578 KB) for more information.