We are committed to ensuring that our members have access to the best training and professional development opportunities available. We offer professional development sessions for approved providers, nominated supervisors and educators to encourage our members to continually improve their knowledge and skills.

CAECE One-day Conference

REVISITING, REFLECTING and REVITALISING - A conference day that will inspire thinking, growth and quality improvements in Quality Areas 1, 3 & 5

Townsville, 22 April 2017

Cairns, 20 May 2017

Mackay, 17 June 2017

CAECE Trio of Workshops

Gold Coast

Sunshine Coast

CAECE Workshop: Everything you need to know about Mandatory Reporting presented by Sasha Goodwin

This interactive workshop aims to support and provide information for mandated reporters by ensuring they are aware of their legal responsibilities to report known or suspected child abuse and neglect in Queensland, how to recognize indicators (red flags) of the different types of abuse and neglect, and how to make a notification.

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Educator Mentoring Program presented by Pam Maclean

Are you looking for a tailored PD for educators in your service? The Educator Mentoring Program is an in-service program that provides tailored professional development to support the needs of your service. The Program will provide your team with an experienced and independent mentor who will provide objective feedback and advice regarding ideas, approaches and identified/non-identified issues.

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