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Australian Childcare Alliance
All ACA Qld memberships expire 31 March 2021. To continue to receive all the benefits of being a member of...
In as little as 5 minutes, the temperature in a vehicle can reach dangerous levels. Leaving children unattended in a...
Thursday 24 September, 2020 'What Queensland parents want. What our children need' Affordable childcare must be front and centre...
Monday 21 September, 2020 'What Queensland parents want. What our children need' ACA Queensland calls on all parities to...


We are committed to ensuring that our members have access to the best training and professional development opportunities available. We offer professional development sessions for approved providers, nominated supervisors and educators to encourage our members to continually improve their knowledge and skills.

Assessment and Rating - Prepare, Collaborate and Communicate

ACA Qld in conjunction with our college, CAECE, are delivering a workshop which aims to enable educators, service leaders and managers to prepare their teams to feel confident and empowered on the day of assessment and rating.

Educator Mentoring Program - Presented by Pam Maclean

Are you looking for a tailored PD for educators in your service? The Educator Mentoring Program is an in-service program that provides tailored professional development to support the needs of your service. The Program will provide your team with an experienced and independent mentor who will provide objective feedback and advice regarding ideas, approaches and identified/non-identified issues.

Workshops delivered by CAECE

First Aid Training

Are you looking for a flexible first aid provider that meets your service and educators' needs? The College for Australian Early Childhood Educators (CAECE) can provide on the job training and support in the following units for all educators:


HLTAID001: Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

HLTAID004: Provide an emergency first aid response in education and care setting

Online Training: Safe Sleep Practices for Babies and Toddlers

This short course has been developed for professionals working in the early years education and care sector. It will provide a holistic response not only to safe sleep practices for young children but also healthy sleep practices.