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Child Protection, Food Safety and Guiding Children's Behaviour

ACA Qld has partnered with In Safe Hands to offer training in areas relevant to the long day care and early learning sector. ACA Qld’s partnership with In Safe Hands Educators in Safety provides online training to all members and their staff at an extremely affordable rate. The courses offered are: InSafeHands

  • Child Protection
  • Food Safety
  • Guiding Children’s Behaviour


ACA Qld members pay only $25.00 per course.

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Raising Good Kids: Managing Behaviour and Emotions in Early Childhood Care and Education SettingsProfessionalCourseImage

ACA Qld has partnered with trusted Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson to deliver the acclaimed online professional development course series, Raising Good Kids: Managing Behaviour and Emotions in Early Childhood Care and Education Settings.

One of the biggest challenges faced by those working in early childhood care and education services is managing the behaviour and emotions of young children. Register now for this expert-delivered online course series which will benefit your professional staff and children alike.

When you register for this highly regarded course series, your staff will gain access to the video-based content that they can watch at any time on their smart phones, iPads or computers. You will also gain access to the printable handouts, interactive quizzes, recommended reading suggestions and certificates of completion. In addition, your one-off affordable registration fee includes access to full time technical support if required.


$663.00 for 12 staff (minimum purchase)

Additional registration = $55.25 per staff

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