Educator Mentoring Program

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The Educator Mentoring Program is an in-service program that provides tailored professional development to support the needs of your service. The Program will provide your team with an experienced and independent mentor who will provide objective feedback and advice regarding ideas, approaches and identified/non-identified issues.

The program includes:

  • two (2) hour professional development workshop in your service (optional)
  • six (6) hours of in-service mentoring with your educators in their rooms
  • one (1) hour reflective discussion with your Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor.

"This helped us out as a centre. We took a lot of valuable information on how we can provide a quality centre for all children and families, completing all documentation. Pam was amazing and all the staff loved her."

"Pam was absolutely fantastic with everyone. I would highly recommend this program to anyone."

"We would love to have Pam back at our centre on a regular basis!"

Prices start from $1,495 (incl. GST) depending on your location and needs. Our pricing is also inclusive of all travel costs for those members in regional and rural Queensland. For more information on travel zones please download the flyer and booking request form below or call the ACA Qld Office on (07) 3808 2366.

pdf Flyer (158 KB)
pdf Booking Request Form (100 KB)

To participate in the Educator Mentoring Program complete the Booking Request Form and return to

About the Mentor

Pam Maclean has 30 years sector experience and is enthusiastic about enhancing children's education. Her practical experience ensures she understands business needs and what is required to deliver high quality care and education. Pam holds a Master of Education (Education Leadership) degree and has an extensive theoretical and working knowledge of the National Quality Framework (NQF).


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