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Australian Childcare Alliance
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Workshop for New Approved Providers

Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland (ACA Qld) is a not for profit, member-funded organisation representing over 850 early childhood education and care services, employing approximately 13,500 educators, who educate and care for around 180,000 children of over 245,000 parents in Queensland.

We advocate for the interests of children and families and work on behalf of Approved Providers and operators to ensure that families across Queensland have access to quality, affordable and accessible early learning.

ACA Qld are delivering a workshop to support new and existing Approved Providers of early learning services in:

  • Understanding and meeting operational requirements under the NQF;
  • Responsibilities under the National Law; and
  • Understanding of how to apply the National Law and Regulations in relation to education and service governance.

Part 1 – Why does the National Quality Framework (NQF) exist

  • What are the components that make up the National Quality Framework (NQF)? An overview of where the law and regulations, National Quality Standards (NQS), Quality Improvement Plans (QIP) and Learning Frameworks (EYLF and MTOP), fit within the National Quality Framework (NQF).
  • Who’s who in the National Quality Framework (NQF)? What’s the role of the Approved Provider (AP) within the NQF? Identification of other roles and responsibilities within the NQF including, Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader.
  • Understand the process of Assessment and Rating (A&R).
  • Identify and discuss the function of ACECQA including the National Quality Area IT System (NQAITS) and Regulatory Authority.

Part 2 – The National Law and Regulations

  • Understanding the role of the Approved Provider (AP) and service structure to ensure compliance.
  • Understanding operational requirements identified in the NQF and how the service ensures compliance.
  • Documentation to support service compliance.
  • When and how to submit relevant forms through the NQAITS.
  • Identify key NQF laws and regulations to support learning and build capacity in identifying gaps in service compliance.
  • Practice a range of scenarios to understand how to manage and support potential compliance breaches.

This section will also cover: Conditions of approval; making changes and keeping your approval; Responsibilities of an Approved Provider; Offences under the Law and Regulations; Enforcement and Compliance; Documentation and Policies.

Part 3 – The Quality Assurance Process

Identify the National Quality Standard, the use of Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) and understand the process of Assessment and Rating (A&R).

Part 4 – Keeping on Track

Maintaining awareness of responsibilities under the law and regulations, systems of communication with the Nominated Supervisor, and systems to maintain communication and compliance.

This workshop is proudly sponsored by our Foundation Members, Guild Insurance.

Note:  Minimum numbers are required

The Glen Hotel
24 Gaskell St, Eight Mile Plains Qld 4113


Start Date 10-10-2018 9:30 am
End Date 10-10-2018 4:30 pm
Capacity 25
Individual Price $440.00
The Glen Hotel
24 Gaskell St, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113, Australia
The Glen Hotel
$440.00 18