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Childcare Queensland supports Queensland Education Minister Langbroek's ambition to build stronger linkages between the schooling system and early childhood education and care services.

Since early childhood education and care services commenced providing a government approved kindergarten program in 2009, it has been challenging for services to engage with local schools to ensure that kindergarten children transition seamlessly into the prep year.

Gwynn Bridge, Chief Executive Officer of Childcare Queensland, said improving the transition to formal schooling is an opportunity but this should not detract from the current play-based environment enjoyed by children today in their early learning settings.

"Children must be allowed to be children and their early years must not be influenced by the NAPLAN test.

"We do not support a push down of the formal school curriculum into the early years of childhood as this is contrary to evidence that children are better equipped for their formal schooling by learning through play in their early years.

"The sector nationally is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and additionally in Queensland by the Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. Both of these resources inform Early Childhood Teachers and Educators of the outcomes required to enrich each individual child's learning from birth to five years and through the transition to school."

Ms Bridge said she looked forward to working with government on how to achieve even better outcomes from childcare for Queensland children.

Childcare Queensland is Australia's largest state child care organisation supporting children, families, educators and providers across Queensland.


Media enquiries - Gwynn Bridge, CEO, Childcare Queensland 0418 764 779